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Season Reward Error - Q&A and Feedback

edited June 2017 in General
Following today's server error, we were forced to remove the excess gems awarded for the Season Rewards. This is to limit the negative impact of the flood of gems coming in to break the system.

We are sincerely and truly sorry for this problem and confusion, and we want you to know that we are working hard to fix it as soon as possible.

Please leave us here your feedback and comments.
--- Barb

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  • Some in my team have received their gems now. Do you know when I will receive mine please?
  • Hi @Bruce, according to our servers, you received the 70 gems yesterday at 3:41 PM Finnish time. For your Team, number 11 would have gotten 60 gems and we gave 10 extra. Then we gave the same amount to everyone from 11 to 20.

    All 10 players received the same amount at around the same time, so there shouldn't be anyone missing now :)
    --- Barb

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  • Hi @Barb thanks for the reply. In my frustration at the events of yesterday, I failed to notice that I had received the gems.
    I can confirm that I do have them.

    Thanks again for the reply.
  • Sure, no problem Bruce! We know that changes can go either way at any time. It is always our best hope that people will like what we do, and that is why we have a very strong belief of listening to our players and adapting to their wishes in the best way possible.

    I remember how exited we were about Ghost Rider, only for it to be completely hated by most players so we had to remove it. We are a young company and we are growing and learning as well, so it means the world to us that you guys are in this journey with us.

    And then again.. some players still contact us to ask us to put the Ghost Rider back.

    Thanks a lot for confirming about the gems :) And again, we are super sorry about the confusing day that was yesterday.
    --- Barb

    Have a question? Check our FAQ's!
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