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i have been in my team over a year now and i jave noyiced a lot of them have left the game or dont play no more. i have friends that want to join me in my team but because i am not the original team leader i cant remove people so friends can join.i have been at the top of my team for 11 months so i dont really want to shud bring some way that if people in teams dont play for 30 days they automatically get kicked from team which would free up spaces for friends or others to join


  • Hi Jase! We think that possibly doing something like that could create more problems than it could solve. For example if someone is caught up with life and can't log in, but the Team still needs their trophies to be at a certain rank, if they get kicked automatically then everyone would stand to loose.

    We do, however, take into consideration that if the Team Leader is absent for a long time, we will consider giving the Leadership to another player in the Team. So that Teams that are full and Leaderless can have someone leading them again. So if this is the case. Please contact Support from inside the game (Settings - Support) and tell us about it so we can consider changing the Leadership :)
    --- Barb

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