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Bug: Level editing

If i want to place some dirt or other material, i just click on the drawing button and i swipe over the screen of my phone. Normally you would get a line like ---------- but i get a line line like this -- - -- -- - ---. It is really weird so can someone help me?


  • Are you swiping very fast? How long has this been going on for?
    --- Barb

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  • No i am not swiping quick at all, I already got this problem when i downloaded the game on my phone.
  • Can you tell us what model is your phone? Even better, if you contact us through Support inside the game we will able to retrieve a lot of data about it so we can check if there is anything wrong that we know of.

    Go to Settings - Support and please send us a message there :)
    --- Barb

    Have a question? Check our FAQ's!
  • Ok i will do that
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