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I think this is very needed by much creators and players:

1.Mega Like time reduced to 5 hours.I think much people often is disgusted with their levels' valoration, because those levels haven't got much valoration. Also some good races can be better-rated( overall,Dirtbike races).

2.The return of the Skull Rider, or something like "Daily level". It would feature nice levels that deserve opportunities(even when are from unknown players and, as a result, are disliked).

3.Option to make gem-paid tournaments(per example,200 gems to host a tournament) But,not only an active tournament, I'm talking about a tournament board, where you can see what tournaments are on and you can join one. Prizes: I haven't thought about that, but as much gems as you use to create tournaments, bigger are the prizes. And also,more gems,more tournament time. Occasionally,can be hosted a global tournament(YouTuber tournaments), but a global one would mean no more owned tournaments during the global tournament time. Ah, and the option of rate the level when the tournament finishes.

Let's see if you like this idea!


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