Banning people incorrectly!

Miss Yotsuba here.
Why do you think I was cheating?
I've never cheated...


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    I'll just add that I have been told it was for being abusive in chat...
    Well let me explain.
    I was defending children against a user who was trying to persuade them to give him their personal information.
    So congratulations, you've banned me for helping keep the chat room safe while continuing to let perverts who pray on children carry on doing what they're doing inside your game!!!!
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    As for the message in the Team, the automatic reason is set to "cheating", sorry about that. We corrected this via in-Team message immediately.

    Rest assured that we take these accusations very seriously and we have looked into them as far as possible until we reached an informed decision.

    In that particular case, we have no reasons to believe that the person in question has done anything wrong and we strongly believe that they are genuinely who they said they are. Had we found any evidence of foul play, we would have banned them and contacted their local authorities.

    To the community: we expect you to report to us anyone who acts suspiciously so we can investigate and act accordingly.

    However, suspecting someone of wrongdoing does not give you the right to violate our Community Rules and behave in a Toxic, Abusive, or Threatening way.

    As communicated before to her over both email and Support, the reasons behind Miss_Yotsuba's ban are independent from any other reports or cases. Regardless of her intentions, she threatening someone's life and was being abusive. For these reasons she was banned from the game and the Forum.

    These decisions that we make, we take very seriously and they are not open to discussion or negotiation. This is the reason why we have Community Rules and we hope that everyone takes a deep look and understands them.

    It is our responsibility as Admins to maintain the peace and integrity of our Community, and to make sure that everyone follows the rules.

    Please refer to the links bellow to find further information:
    Traplight's Terms of Service
    Community Rules
    --- Barb

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