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[DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!

edited July 2017 in General
UPDATE: All 13 features are now fully listed here. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated to this conversation throughout the weeks!

Hey earthlings,

Big Bang Racing turns 1 year old on July 27th 2017! That also marks the day when a new version of the game appears on App Store and Google Play, packed with cool new stuff!

Every Tuesday until July 27th I will provide tease images of new things that you will see in the anniversary version, by updating this original post. You can speculate the tease images with others for a week, until next Tuesday I will update the post to confirm the actual features! During that confirmation, I will put up a tease of next Tuesday's reveal for you to speculate.

Feel free to keep the conversation and speculation going below, and I will try to participate as much as I can without spoiling the reveals of upcoming weeks!

What I can spoil already, however, is that majority of the new features revolve around level creation. With over 8 million levels created during the first year, we felt it’s time to celebrate creativity by offering new tools that will help make the next 8 million levels equally engaging!

Here we go...

FEATURE #1: Confirmed on July 4th:
[Edit] and [Delete] Live levels

Yes, it’s the long-awaited possibility to pull back your Live level and fix its problems that you’ve discovered afterwards! [Edit] requires one free slot on your Saved levels list, where the Live level will be returned and then treated as any other saved level. Likes and other metadata of the level are reset in the process, and you need to Go Live with the level again to make it available to others.

Transferring a Live level into editable state costs the same exact amount of coins that the level has earned you during its live-time, and it also reduces the tallied Likes of the level from your Total Likes. Essentially it takes back what it has given to you, so there won’t be any incentive to republish levels that have been proven to work: [Edit] tool is purely intended to be used on levels that could use fixing or finetuning.

[Delete] of Live Level, however, is completely free of charge. With [Delete] you can freely do a ”spring cleaning” and get rid of levels that you want out of your profile for one reason or another.

FEATURES #2 and #3: Confirmed on July 4th:
Goal ball swapper (Metal + Rubber)

These are two variants of a new level creation feature: [Swap] of Goal Ball. The classic Floating Goal will be introduced to its gravitationally affected new siblings:

1) Metal Goal: it’s heavy and it rolls!
2) Rubber Goal: it’s light and it bounces!

We’ve seen a lot of awesome machinations where the floating Goal Ball has been pushed around the level with the help of gadgets, and we believe these new physical Goal Balls will take those ideas to the next level!

FEATURE #4: Confirmed on July 11th:
Creator Rank

Earning Likes has a whole new meaning! There are 6 milestones that each grant you a more esteemed Creator Rank, a title which is also shown on your profile window to other players. Note that all likes you have earned in the game so far WILL be counted to this, so veteran creators can expect that progress bar to fill up multiple times on the first time they visit Create menu on anniversary update.

Fun fact: at the moment no player has yet earned enough Likes for the final 6th star, but there is one player who will get there in the upcoming months if they keep playing the game — we won’t reveal the title of the 6th Creator Rank before somebody has earned it ;)

FEATURE #5: Confirmed on July 11th:
Top Creators (monthly Leaderboard)

BOOM, yet another new purpose to earn Likes: Top Creators Leaderboard! Since creating levels and earning Likes is a more enduring process than Racing for Trophies, we approached this Leaderboard a bit differently. First of all, Top Creators Leaderboard is reset once per month, on the 1st day of every month. Second of all, it only counts Likes from levels that went Live during the ongoing month. This ensures a more equal playground for new creators and veterans alike, as the hyperpopular classic levels won’t automatically push the same creators to the Top every month, but instead everyone starts fresh on the 1st day of each new month.

Note that you can create and save a level already during the previous month, and then Go Live on the 1st day when the Leaderboard resets, and the Likes of that level will account towards the new cycle. If you use the previously announced [Edit] system to adjust and re-release a Live level, note that its Likes will be counted to the Leaderboard only if its original Live date was during the ongoing month.

FEATURE #6: Confirmed on July 11th:
White Hole

You guessed it, it’s the reversed version of Black Hole! White Hole is perfect for creating loops for vehicles of any performance tier, or to create 360 degree object launchers. Similar to dividing by 0, when you combine Black Hole with White Hole the Universe will expl—— actually, we’ll let you try out for yourself!

FEATURE #7: Confirmed on July 18th:
Gem Torch, Gem Fountain, Gem Rain

Yes, these are decorations of legendary vanity! Don’t be alarmed by their insane Gem price tag: there’s a good reason for this. As many of you may have noticed when progressing further into the game, opening Treasure Chests can gradually lose its excitement, and it becomes a mundane tap sequence. These 3 new items intend to bring some of that original excitement back, because when one of these babies drop from the Chest, you know you’ve gotten something super rare and extremely valuable. It’s an event of such epic proportions that you might want to take a screenshot as a memento, and brag your friends about it!

FEATURE #8: Confirmed on July 18th:
Advanced Item Category

If you scroll up to feature #4 you notice that we are introducing Creator Ranks, a title that becomes augmented as your created levels earn more Likes. But there is actually an additional reason why we created these ranks in the first place: at 3rd rank (Advanced Creator) you unlock access to an entirely new item category in level builder: Advanced Items.

One of the design principles of Big Bang Racing’s level creation system has been to keep it simple, non-intimidating, and easy-to-learn. Along the way we’ve had to forget implementing some of the more complex tools to keep level creation approachable for everyone. But from now on, through Advanced Items, we are able to provide more elaborate tools and items to creators who know their way around the level creation system, without overwhelming the new creators who are making their first levels. Advanced Item category launches with 3 unique items, introduced in features #9, #10, and #11.

FEATURE #9: Confirmed on July 18th:
CC Enforcer (Advanced Item)

This is by far the most requested level creation item from many veteran creators who, understandably, want more control on how their levels play out. Normally a level is served to players who own a vehicle of the upgrade performance that is guaranteed to complete the given level. Occasionally this level distribution system can, however, play out some scenarios a bit differently than what the creator had in mind when creating the level, if the player has a significantly faster or slower vehicle than the creator.

CC Enforcer is an item that overrides the upgrades of the player’s vehicle for the duration of the level, ensuring that the gameplay experience is consistent across everyone who play that level. There are five (5) CC Enforcers available, ranging with different amounts of fixed CC, rarity, and price. To ensure upgrades don’t lose their purpose in the game, CC Enforcers cannot be used in Racing levels: they can only be used in Adventure levels where players collect map pieces. As an Advanced Item, CC Enforcers become available to buy or to find from Treasure Chests after reaching 3rd Creator Rank.

FEATURE #10: Confirmed on July 18th:
Power Switch (Advanced Item)

Second Advanced Item featured in anniversary update is Power Switch. As a stand-alone item Power Switch does absolutely nothing, but instead it serves as a power connector. When you draw a power-line from Power Switch to a Gadget, it then takes over control whether that Gadget is running or sleeping, and toggles its activity on/off when the player drives by the switch!

One Power Switch can be connected up to 100 Gadgets, meaning they all become alive or stop at the same exact time — no need to use multiple Switches. Oh, and just like Force Fields and Portals, they come in 5 different colors!

The Gadgets that can currently be empowered with Power Switch are: Treadmill, Automatic Elevator, Big Gear, Small Gear, Fan, Bouncer, and Crusher. As an Advanced Item, Power Switch becomes available to buy or to find from Treasure Chests after reaching 3rd Creator Rank.

FEATURE #11: Confirmed on July 18th:
Power Plate (Advanced Item)

Third Advanced Item of anniversary update is Power Plate. Similar to Power Switch it can be used to control the activity of multiple Gadgets, with couple of key differences. While Power Switch is activated when the player drives by it, Power Plate on the other hand is activated when anything physical is on top of it — such as a box, boulder, or player. The Power Plate will do its job for as long as it’s being held down, and stops only when that pressure disappears (when the cardboard box breaks, player drives off, etc).

With Power Plates and Power Switches we expect to see some incredible machinations, as they open up so many new amazing opportunities for eye-popping chain reactions and manual engineering! As an Advanced Item, Power Plate becomes available to buy or to find from Treasure Chests after reaching 3rd Creator Rank.

FEATURE #12: Confirmed on July 25th:
Anniversary Gifts (7 daily presents)

It wouldn’t be an anniversary without some presents! On Thursday July 27th 8:00AM (GMT) the first giftbox appears on the sky, which can be claimed no sooner than 24 hours later. There will be a total of 7 presents throughout the week, one for each day, and some of them are unique and unobtainable from anywhere else!

Oh, and don’t worry if you miss one day! Every gift (except 2nd and 4th) can be claimed until Saturday August 5th 8:00AM (GMT). Second and fourth gift are special cases, as they globally change something in the entire game for a day and cannot be provided afterwards, so we highly recommend you to visit the game at least on July 29th (Saturday) and July 31st (Monday)!

FEATURE #13: Confirmed on July 25th:
Anniversary Tournaments (3 weekend events)

You’ve gotten a taste of 3 day Tournaments, and a glimpse of 24h Tournaments, but what you haven’t seen yet is three 24h Tournaments in a row!

And best of all: these Tournaments are created by the beloved players, as we are celebrating a year of player-created content! We are also increasing the expansion rate of coin pots for these anniversary Tournaments, so you can expect bigger rewards than usually. The Tournaments of the anniversary weekend will be:

Friday July 28th: Freakiebeakie
Jaw-droppingly smooth and gorgeous Tournament level featuring lots of spots to optimize your goal time, and a duration that requires endurance and focus!

Saturday July 29th: ANGEL
Multiple paths, multiple choices, and 24h hours to figure out what is the fastest way to the goal!

Sunday July 30th: stinkiwinki
Super short Tournament level packed with galaxy’s worth of action, and its greatest puzzle is figuring out the best place to use Nitro!

That's all, folks! In two short days you'll get your hands on these features, and we at Traplight hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!


  • Tease 1 is easy to know: the possibility of edit and trash levels.

    Tease 2 and 3 can be the different new finish lines, one for adventure and one for race.

    But they can also be checkpoints or something similar.
  • edited June 2017
    :) I made a post about birthday themed terrain and new items. Maybe you could see if you can get it in there, no pressure ;)
    Also I thought about different music, like you did back in December.
    I'm so excited!! Looks great!
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • I think tease 1 is edit and delete levels that are already posted! Tease 2 is a checkpoint
  • Omg I can't wait for this!! I have a feeling we'll see some of the vary most requested features from track builders make their way into the game!! @Traplight knows exactly which ones are in highest demand for builders ;)

    I suspect Homero is right about #1

    #2 - my guess is a "rolling boulder" finish

    #3 - I have no ideas seems pretty ambiguous..

    I doubt either are "checkpoints" though, that's kinda already here with the scrolls.

    This is so exciting! Everyone at Trackbuilders can't wait! And I have to admit.. I enjoy the tease ;)
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  • 1 is obvious. It clearly says "edit". 2 and 3? Well some kind of checkpoint as people said, you have to reach them in a certain time. Or, picture 2 shows a rolling target and you have to get that ball to touch the target shown in 3.
  • For teaser 1: I believe it to be a feature to edit or bin already created levels.
    For teaser 2, 3: you can maybe choose out of the two when finishing off a level; one could explode and the other may open. Or one for adventure and the other for racing.
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  • I love this game. The new year will be a lot more entertaining and more playful year. good luck.
  • I agree with Mike_the_Vike, great job guys!! Love the game and can't wait for more fun!! =) These changes look very exciting! XD And again BigBangRacing Team: THANK YOU FOR ALL
  • O_O excited , i think [ic rwo is indeed a checkpoint . Ohh i cant wait :)
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • I believe I speak for not only all builders, but all Big Bang Racers as well:
    For a long time, we had wanted a game to come out, that is compelling, entertaining, polished and FUN enough to keep us all playing long enough to see it celebrating its anniversary. Congratulations to ALL of you at Traplight. We love Big Bang Racing and we Love You too. Thank You for bringing us the game we've wanted for so long.

    P.S. #3 looks like it might be a finish line that maybe takes you to an entirely different level.
  • I feel like teaser 1 is a edit/delete already made levels (so exited!) Teaser 2 or 3 is a new game mode and the other is a checkpoint I am SO exited for the last two!!
  • I believe taht your Team make nice work ^^
    I can't wait !!!!!!

    Tease #1 : Edit or Trash Lvls

    Tease #2 : Checkpoint

    Tease #3 : a New Item or a New Finish
  • i think it is a nice update, because imade a level, but i've named it wrong, i want to change it, so, now it can i hope
  • :love:
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • Awesomeness!! You guys are doing a great job with this game!! Go Suomi!
  • It's Tuesday but no release yet :-(
  • edited July 2017
    Looks like we have a lot of talented detectives here! Tease #1 was apparently a lot easier to crack than #2 and #3, though some people DID have the correct hunch about the latter ones too ;)

    More details about features #1, #2 and #3 have been updated to original post, and teases #4, #5 and #6 were added. Scroll up, and get ready for round two of speculation!

    Also: I want to sincerely thank you for the heartwarming feedback. Likewise everyone here at Traplight have been praising throughout the year how lucky we are to have such a great community of players! Let’s make the 2nd year even better!
  • Teaser 4 is a new rating system, Teaser 5 is a new level browsing system and Teaser 6 is a new item or decoration for levels.
  • @awesomewolfreal I agree with 4. I think 5 is "Top Creators by Likes" and 6...A portal so you can go out of the dome? I don't imagine what 6 can be.
  • Je1letv said:

    I think tease 1 is edit and delete levels that are already posted! Tease 2 is a checkpoint

    4: rate levels with stars!!!
    5: top of the best levels!!!
    6: a black hole finish???

    Can't wait

  • edited July 2017
    4: either a new rating system for levels, or a rating system for players maybe? Don't really see a good use for the latter though so hmmm.... maybe a new kind of event where u collect stars or do certain tricks/things to meet a requirement to open a chest? That would be fun, especially if it was a daily thing. 5: we have top players and teams so top levels? Would be good for the level creators to get ideas from the greats. 6: new portal/worm hole. Maybe this one doesn't kill you but you can get launched from the other side. Unless of course it's where the metal and rubber goals are suppose to go.
  • edited July 2017

    Very nice edit and goal features. ;)

    4) Could be other players rating your profile and levels with stars.
    5) Could be top levels in teams or extra trophy leagues with rewards.
    6) Another vehicle introduced into a different world.

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  • Without reading what everybody else is guessing, I think #4 may a) be a new voting system or b) a scale to set new tracks vehicle power in editor mode.
    #5 may be a Top 100 list of the best voted tracks avaiable! (About time to get those to drive)
    #6 shall be the reverse of a black hole, blowing everything away. The deeper you reach in, the harder you get blown out again.

    I got an important question or two about the edit again function: Is the original track deleted after publishing the edited one or is it going to be overwritten?
    Are all votes going to be resetted after editing?

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  • edited July 2017

    Tease 1 is easy to know: the possibility of edit and trash levels.

    Tease 2 and 3 can be the different new finish lines, one for adventure and one for race.

    But they can also be checkpoints or something similar.

    Jesus... CHECKPOINTS!!! How awesome that would be!! You can create racing courses with a designated lap counter! Damn! Would make races become much more awesome! =)
    And the solution for anticheating by just driving forward and backward over the finish line is way too easy to solve: Just pick up the 3-maps-system and make them little checkpoints and place them on the track. So only if all 3 are touched/collected, the lap counts. :3
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • edited July 2017
    So far looks like tease #4 is going to be the tough nut of this week ;)

    I got an important question or two about the edit again function: Is the original track deleted after publishing the edited one or is it going to be overwritten?
    Are all votes going to be resetted after editing?

    Original track is "deleted" in the sense that it disappears from your list of Live Levels immediately when you press [Edit] button and confirm it, and that level is not discoverable by other players anymore. At that point, all votes of that level are reset. Then, only you can find the level in your Saved Levels list, and if you Go Live with it again, it is considered as an entirely new level from technical point of view, even if you didn't actually change anything in it (it will go to "Good or Bad" process, your Team gets a chat notification etc).
  • #4 - Too ambiguous to say much more than either a revised version of the current rating system, or an entirely new and separate rating feature... speculaton on the latter is as exciting xD
    - My most likely guess: A more complex rating system than "Thumb up/down, replacing the old
    - less likely -
    - A personal rating system so you can revisit levels you liked easily (this could also play in to the "Top" system). Kinda like a "save to favorites" list thing.
    - even less likely -
    - a track star rating designated to the track by the game based on like/dislike ratios

    #5 One of x100 potential new "Top List" sorting features. Again, too ambiguous to do much more than take a blind guess based on your gut.
    - Top New Global Levels [within a given timeframe. 24hrs for example.
    - Some form of a new "Top List" within team based on a form of a stat regarding level building

    #6 A white hole
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  • edited July 2017
    4: Star rating system! =) I wanted that to happen and it is!
    5: Top Liked/Rated Levels! Looks pretty handy!
    6: I don't know this one, but my top theories are a level teleport, a white hole (or something reverse to black hole, looks like it will repel instead of attract), or a new planet teleport (which I want badly, but I'm not sure if that's it)
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • I think that tease 6 is a white hole that repels you instead of atracting you. It would be pretty useful for loppings that can not be manteined with speed alone since you will only need one instead of the normal two.
    Tease 5 :maybe most liked levels.
    Tease 4 : maybe a more exact rating system ,I hope theres no cooldown, you often see these insane level but the one before was also like that and you now they both deserved the megalike but you can not give it to all.
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