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[DEV] Anniversary update: weekly feature tease & reveal!



  • @CommanderBeta You could be spot on with your teaser guesses, especially teaser 6
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    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

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  • I think it should be the best creators sorting like best racers sorting.
  • :) Amazing
  • > @awesomewolfreal said:
    > Teaser 4 is a new rating system, Teaser 5 is a new level browsing system and Teaser 6 is a new item or decoration for levels.

    I completely agree with you on #4 & #5
    However I have to say for #6 they already have a black hole that sucks You in, I believe #6 is just the opposite where it ether pushes away or it's a portal from the black hole. Only problem is, we already have portals and we have those fans that do an impressive job at pushing.
  • Wow a bouncing or rolling finish line !
    I can't wait to play around with these new toys, & even more so, Can't wait to see what all of the amazing builders do with them. Thank You Traplight SO much for these new features. Oh the anticipation is just killing me.
  • I think tease 4 is the judgment of Traplight about an adventure level (5-6 stars increase the possibility that the level will be published). Tease 5: the list of levels wi the more likes
    Tease 6: a tornado (with the same function of the black hole).
    Whatever they are , this will be the best anniversary of a game ever!
  • The only hint better than this is a new game (trying to get you to tell what the game title is ;) )
    Eat My Dust, packid851
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  • ;) Well we are working on new concepts but nothing ready to show or anything yet. Heheh but we will let you know as soon as we have something.
    --- Barb

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  • It’s so fun to read what all of you come up from these tease images! It’s great to see people suspecting the right thing, but to also learn what other features people are subconsciously expecting from Big Bang Racing.

    Details regarding features 4, 5, and 6 have now been updated to the original post, and tease images of features 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 were added.

    Scroll up to first page and get ready for round three!
  • I love feature 5!!!
  • Ok mind blown stop already lol, just kidding if all this new stuff works (and I'm sure it will) I'm not gunna have time for sleep or all that other important stuff my boss expects me to do, I like building and I'm sure I'll find some interesting things to do with it all,but what I really want to see is what the awesome builders do with it ;-)
  • I'm 6th in the best creators of the month.
  • Hello friends.
    Wow! Amazing new features. So exciting!
    #7 looks like it might be some new popping decorations similar to the ones we have now. E.g. Popping chicken " or new gem rewards.
    #8 looks like it might be to access a new set of more "advanced " building tools or track settings.
    #9 might be a winners podium, or a new vehicle customization feature.
    #10 &#11 look like they might go together, where #10 looks like an activation switch of some order, to control or activate a push from #11. Oh I can't wait for this release. It's going to make an already fantastic game even better.
  • edited July 2017
    Ok, that is soooo cool! I'm gonna combine a black and white hole ;)
    7: New Decorations (Crystals, anyone?)
    8: Advanced Editor, wchich was @DeJota_CDI 's idea, I think.
    9 and 10: Gas station and gas can. Hopefully that's optional!
    11: I do not know, but from the looks it's either a reverse bounce pad or flipper.
    Looks good! =)
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • Tease 10: It seems like some kind of a lever that activates sistems (example: remotely activate a platform) or maybe it can drive electricity without complex metal driven circuits that can be ruined by anti-gravity devices.

    Tease 8: It sounds as a feature to increase difficulty in path levels to get rewards, we're yet to see if it automatic or the editors will have to choose how to do it (example: 25% less power, 25% less turn,25% less helmet resistance, etc....

    Tease 7: Some insane decorations witch are only overpassed by the gem cost ot them.
  • Tease 11: I'd say the same as for tease 10 , maybe they've both got one of the capabilities mencioned, if I had to bet I'd say tease 11 is the electric gadget.

    Tease 9: Everyone would think it's a teleporter if it didn't exist already, best guess is a turbo charging machine to come out of it as if you had just turned in the air.

    We'll see how close they're to reality next week.
  • Teaser 7: New decorations
    Teaser 8: Adventure levels in order of difficulty
    Teaser 9: Could be a gadget that increases CC for a limited time
    Teaser 10: A new gravity switch look
    Teaser 11: A hover pad that transports you from A to B ;)
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    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

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  • By the way, Einstein would be proud of the game.

    Black holes, upcoming white holes and portals a.k.a. worm holes.
  • Wow, I'm in top 5 creators!
    7. New decorations?
    8. List of advanced levels!
    10 decoration???
    Button to activate somthing??

    Why are these teases so hard ;)
  • edited July 2017

    You and your levels deserve to get great recognition


    BBR Follow:

    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

    !!Create, Race and Mega Like!!
  • HAH! I knew it! Reverse black hole. Like I said!
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • Holy cow! These new items man! 7 might be new decoration items like fireworks? If they are real items, something to do with gems 8 is maybe advanced settings for level creation like change cc or it goes with 9 which is a refueling station so new event or bringing back skull rider? 10 is a new switch button, maybe turning off and on electricity or maybe it goes with 11 the new jump pad/platform. When 10 is on 11 will move up and down and 10 is off 11 stops wherever you stopped it, Like a switch controlled lift
  • #9 is very easy!! Look carefully behind the dirtbike. It's a gasoline pump!
  • @HomeroGaming930
    But what does it do???

    Thanks bro!
  • By the way, Einstein would be proud of the game.

    Black holes, upcoming white holes and portals a.k.a. worm holes.

    We are desperate to get NASA's attention, the game's prologue actually included the Aliens finding Voyager probe that NASA sent to space in 70s, which is how the Aliens discovered humans and our habits :)
  • I wish you @Seppo and the rest of the team good luck in their hunt for NASA's attention.
  • And that also means they invented vr headsets on their own.

    Note: do not use a vr headset while driving, you do not have x-ray vision like aliens
  • @Seppo I think you have the attention you want, @Mike_the_Vike is our NASA rocket doc
  • Ohhhhh tease 8, advanced stuff in the editor , i cant wait
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
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