Anti-Gravity devices colateral damage.

These gadgets allow to create amazing features like bigger loops and upside down driving but they can negatively effect the rest of the track making for example explosions not go to plan, and if you're unlucky like me that results in your level traping people 80% of the time because I had tryed it separetely and it worked like a charm and when I did the posting run it also did but never afterwards.

I suggest being able to limit the spaces it effects if desired. That would make systems more reliable.


  • Hi there @CommanderBeta ! Sometimes, when you create some chain reactions or other contraptions that rely on different physics based things to happen at an exact time or place, the game engine is not able to repeat everything exactly the same after publishing the level. There is only limited depth to the accuracy of the engine, and that is something that we cannot unfortunately affect. This is why sometimes when you create and test a level in the Editor your contraption works fine, but after publishing it stops working. It's unfortunate, but our advice is that you should leave a bit leeway in your designs, so that even if something moves one pixel to the right after publishing, it doesn't break the whole design :) Thank you for understanding, and sorry about the inconvenience!
  • Having problems with bombs goin off because of a gravity switch? Then cover the bombs in some way using a light bridge or crumble walls so they still serve their desired purpose. If ur problem is that a perfect chain reaction isn't working, try a different set up
  • Thanks for the response, I'll try to make them more reliable, thankfully after the anniversary update I should be able to fix it. Though this doesn't fix my rock fall timers although it's not as big of a deal because you can find a way around it.
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