[DEV] Anniversary Stream Q&A and Creation Challenge

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Hi everyone!

As @Seppo has told you guys in the Teaser thread, the Big Bang Racing 1 Year Anniversary is almost around the corner! In addition to publishing a shiny, awesome Anniversary Update, we will also do a Live Stream on Friday 28th of July at 13.00 EEST (10.00 GMT, 6.00 ET, 3.00 PT) on our YouTube Channel.

There will be parts in the Stream that we want YOU to participate in:

1. Developer Q&A

What have you always wanted to ask the BBR Developers? Send your questions in with this form, and we might answer you in the Live Stream!

Send us your questions here: BBR Anniversary Q&A Form

Don't write your questions here on the Forum, we will only pick questions sent us with the Form :)

2. Anniversary Level Creation Challenge

The Update will be live on 27th, so you will have 24 hours to create an awesome level using the New Features of the Update before the Stream starts! Download the Update as soon as it's published, create a level, and post the link to that level here on this thread. Remember add a short description of your level, and tell which new items did you use and how. The Developers will pick couple of levels from the comments to test in the Live Stream!

Check out the confirmed new items on the Anniversary Reveal Thread so you can already start planning your level!

Thank you all for your participation, and stay tuned for more Anniversary announcements and info!


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