Some Ideas..

I may be on a "break", but I may get back on soon!
What should I make? (Top 2 most likely will be created, however your image of the level probably won't be accurate, no offense)
1: A level that goes over the same path forwards and backwards.
2: A level with tons of flips
3: Another Wonderground (All 3 previous terrains, dirt, ice, and mud)
4: Canyon Run: Take 2
5: Super Complex Puzzle
6: Chain Reaction
7: Super Crazy Race
8: Floor is lava
9: A level that fools you into dying (your alien, and possibly your phone if it's super low on juice)
10: AutoMagic: Elevation
Confirmed levels:
Happy Birthday BBR!
Deluxe platformer
Bouncy Fun
Nonstop Run
Eat My Dust, packid851
Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username


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