What about a checkpoint

I think on every adventure level there should be a checkpoint the Creator of the track can put it were they want it.


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    This is actually something that we've thought about multiple times, but there are some big technical efforts that we would need to solve first. The biggest challenge is with physics: when the player hits the checkpoint, the game would need to remember the current position and velocity of each physical object in the level (planks flying, cardboard boxes broken etc) so that the level would actually continue from the same sequence where it was when the player touched the checkpoint. However, with this solution there is a risk that upon reaching a checkpoint, the player has messed up something that makes the rest of the level non-completable, and the checkpoint would keep the player in an endless loop of certain failure. Alternative way to approach this would be to "reset" physics when respawning on checkpoint, so that the level would be in the same exact state that it is during start -- but it has the limitation that whatever physical the player has done prior to checkpoint would be nullified and forgotten during respawn.

    Both approaches have their pros and cons, and technical challenges aside it's also a challenging feature to communicate to creators and players. However, now that we have "Advanced Items" category, we might consider adding checkpoints there, as I believe the advanced creators would be able to work around these limitations that I wrote above. No promises though, but we will look into it once again.
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