The delete Button isnt good there were he is i already deleted 2 of my best levels Many Loops and 1 year B.B.R.


  • I hate this button
  • Im so sorry :anguished:
  • Can you regenerate this levels
  • Your right maybe put this button somewhere else...
    Noob is my brother today he played 5h bbr just to built "1year bbr"
  • @NOob There is a prompt asking you "Are you SURE you want to delete this level", so you cannot accidentally delete any levels by just hitting the red button :) If you have already deleted two levels by accident, please be more careful in the future and read the popup text warning you of the action.

    We might be able to get you back the levels that you already deleted if you contact our Support (go to in-game Settings -> Support -> New message icon). Please tell them the names of the levels that you accidentally deleted, and they will do their best to get them back to you. For this to happen you need to have as many empty slots in your saved level list as you want levels to be given back. However, we cannot promise this can be done, but we can try :) Thanks!
  • edited July 2017
    Hello @NOob , we did recover your deleted levels. But this is one time deal only so in future be careful! Your levels should appear on your live levels list and they are "Trashed" so edit & publish them again to make them appear to other players. This also repairs your 1 year B.B.R. levels cc enforcer bug.

    -Traplights QA
  • O thank you hes so happy :D (my brother noob)
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