CC enforcer

Hello lovely people of traplight, first of all. INSANE UPDATE!!!!!.
But, why is the cc enforcer adventure only?, it would be so awesome to build a racetrack with them.
Fair races that can be won with skills instead of overpowered bikes and cars. I would love it and i dont understand why cc enforcer is adventure only QQ.
YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.


  • We first want to try it out on adventure side to see the response from players and creators. On racing side I understand what you mean by fair races (exactly how Tournaments behave) but for now we want to make sure that vehicle upgrades don't lose their purpose in the game.
  • cool, thanks for explaining
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • @Seppo the nightmare of races that play like tournaments makes me shutter.
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  • Maybe they could add another CC enforcer, instead of having a fixed CC (800 CC for example) it would make it so that all of the players would have the same CC as the creator did when he published the level
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