@Traplight You said in the weekly feature teaser that likes from edited levels and removed levels would be removed from your profile. I edited some levels and deleted around 16, and I should lose around 10000 likes, but likes haven't been removed. Also, if this is a bug, make likes from those edited/deleted levels disappear from Top Month Creators.


  • HI dude, I also thought this, but if you delete a level you retain your coins and likes it's simply removed from server, it's only when when you edit you lose the coins and likes ;-)
  • That's right, you still earned those coins and Likes :)
    --- Barb

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  • @Barb I started laughing. " days ago I reuploaded a level, and when it was around 200 likes I re-edited. Today I reuploaded and I found first the old version, called "A Loong Loop Level" (Who was deleted) with 340-46, Then- I have found the same level (The re-edit) with its new name, "The Next Episode" and around 170-18!! That is very strange, but FUNNY!
  • @Barb Please, remove v1 (A Loong Loop Level) from the Path, I don't want likes/megalikes on a level where I can't claim them.
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