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Ok first off I love the game and for the most part the update is very successful but there are flaws, some of which have left me wondering if I should continue with certain aspects of the game.
A small flaw to start with and that's the pointless gem decorations,that have no purpose other than to harvest players gems back,when I seen the tease week I thought if you came across one of these rare items in a level they would offer the player some gems to collect and encourage an up vote from the player but no,so many good things you could have added with this wasted data space.
Now for the leader board for builders, where to start ,by adding a competition element to the building seems a great idea on paper but in reality the impact it's had on the voting is putting me off building again, some people (not all) will find their votes going a different way if it maintains their lead on the board? And as for the segregation of builders with the star rating removing items from lesser builders will clearly lead to resentment when they see lvls with goodies they can't have leading to spiteful down votes. I built a unique lvl and played with new items to do something not seen before I also hide how I had done it to leave people guessing, it was easy to complete by all cc's and was maxed out and decorated, it had a really short run on path and barely got passed 100 votes,
When I see shockingly bad levels getting similar votes it leaves me thinking why do I bother putting together new and interesting ideas when players are voting out spite for parts they can't use or a couple more points over your nearest competitors on the the leader board.
So over to you ,how can these issues be resolved?


  • Hi @tml The intention of the changes was certainly not to make the game worse for anyone! The Creator leaderboard and the ranks are not intended to cause competition among Creators, but rather be something to highlight and give credit to the best Creators we have, those who use a lot of time to shape the experience that all of us have with Big Bang Racing. There was not enough credit for them before, and we felt Creators needed a bit more visibility and appreciation.

    It might be true that some creators would downvote all levels they play just to somehow give them a better chance of climbing the leaderboard, but we have to remember that only a small portion of the players of Big Bang Racing actually create levels. It's the massive majority of non-Creators who vote for the levels, and they have no stake in who should be on the Top and who not :) So in reality, even if there were a few of those who bitterly refuse to upvote other's levels, they will not have a big impact on the voting.

    Also sometimes when you publish a level it is just a matter of luck and timing if it gets enough votes or not :/ It's the same with any Social Media posts or YouTube videos. Sometimes they fly, sometimes they don't. There are many things contributing to the success of one individual level, but as a whole, if you keep practicing and making great levels, you will gain followers who will just by themselves always give enough votes for your levels. This has happened to all the Top Creators. What you can do to help your level succeed is sharing it also outside the game, on the Forum, in Social Media, to your friends and family etc. and ask them to vote it as well :)

    Lastly, about the special items for higher ranking creators: The items in question are only a few out of dozens and dozens of amazing items which are freely available for everyone. These items in question are somewhat advanced things that the beginner creators would not even know how to use, so we think they are a great prize for someone once they reach the needed Creator Rank. There is something to strife for and something to wait for! I hope this answer cleared some things for you, and please let me know if there is still something bothering you about the update. We'll do our best to clarify! Cheers :)
  • Ohh you know me I just like to moan alot and keep you on your toes, I'm sure I'm just making problems that aren't there , and I post things mostly when I'm having a bad day gaming lol, it's drives me crazy when I put hours into levels and they just sit there! Thankfully with the edit option I can drag them back and tart them up a bit so when reposted they do a bit better; -) thanks for listening you guys are awesome; -)
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