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Odd noise?

Has anyone noticed or has anyone else reported a very random (like 1 in 100 lvls played ) knocking noise going on in the background? All other game sounds are played as normal with a knocking /popping sound every 2-3 seconds?

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  • edited August 2017
    @tml what was the level?
    And I haven't heard that yet
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  • @tml it may just be behind the scenes sounds like explosions
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  • No this is very new (since update ) I was thinking it might be a glitch from the new sound data added for new item sounds, they make a very distinctive sound when activated but may be responsible for odd noise I'm hearing in the background? Ahh well keep me posted if anyone else hears it?
  • I don't play with sound on usually, so I didn't hear it, but it's probably nothing, if you are annoyed you can turn the volume off
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  • @tml I have heard is like when you bump your head
  • It could be a gear glitch
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