New idea for the next update !

I have created this discussion to help the developers to find new idea for the game. Here, you can post what you want to add to the game or what you to change. Don't ask impossible things !
Good Game !


  • •Follow me in BBR, tag:@dqvdp(in game)•Let's play BBR!-play my levels & give me tips too•Advanced creator(1/2 to veteran)
  • 1) Enter daily prizes (up to 1 month) for example, on day 30, 1 epic hat2) Make rooms in a chat room (each room has its own language) For example, in the 1st English, 2nd Russian and so on. It's just not convenient to communicate when two languages are mixed in one chat3) Amateur tournament gives users the opportunity to create their own tournament. To avoid spam to create it, you need to spend 1000 crystals and since this is not an official tournament, then in place of the golden helmet one random hat will be issued
  • Last time, when I was creating a map, I saw I have badly placed the road. Now, I must erase the road to replace it. So,if it is possible, I want to add an option to remove all the road and the element under the dom, without erasing what we have already done and to replace it.
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    Wrong forum. Such ideas you should put into the feedback section. As far as I know, beside my own thread there are many other good ideas to be found.
    Most important feature was, is and still will be the UNDO function. Ever accidently erased a part of your perfect calculated track or moved a black hole or fan and totally ruined an auto track? A simple undo button will make life much easier and stop people to escalate and destroy furnitures in pure rage! :)
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    Thanks @Hauzuwienix . My english is too bad and I didn't know what feedback mean. Now, I will see what can I add too the feedback section ;)
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