Favorite item(s)?

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What are your favorite items?
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  • My own personal favorite has to be a simple one actually. The fan! Using it in tons of different ways you can achieve very different things :)
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  • My favorite item is the new white hole ! It is original and I love it ! The fan is cool too !
  • My favorite items that I have used are chicken surprise, treadmill, white hole, gravity switcher, confetti, magic cauldron, pyrotechnics, fan, air bomb and force field.
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • I really like the exploding barrels. You can use them in cool ways to destroy/create paths or objects, and they don't necessarily have to be deadly. They can also add an element of panic, which is always nice :'D The second favourite is the goal ball, with the added new features. I once made a cool level where you had to push the goal ball through a level by loading rocks into a fan-gun and shooting them at it.

    But my ALL TIME FAVOURITE by far is the infamous crossed planks that will have the life of their own once you release them into the level :'D Back in the day before the item limit (in beta) I created a level with like 200 pairs of crossed planks in a small area. It was total mayhem with physics going super crazy, and it caused crashes on some devices. I think that level might have been partly the reason why the item limits were put in place in the first place, hehe.
  • My favorite items at the moment is the white hole, camera magnet, chicken surprise, air bomb, signs, fan and elevator. It's fun to experiment with combinations to see the outcome :)
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