Unable to start game

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When I start app, (iphone 6)
On menu screen, new window opens and says:
Connection error
Purchase verification failed user74739958......
There is only "retry" button.
I cant pass this screen so can not play game!!!

I tried with
3g/ wifi/ forgotton wifi with reentering password/ respring/ reboot/ restart.
It is impossible to pass the connection error window.
Please help
I cant play game !!!!


  • That better not be on all iPhone 6 devices, cuz that's what I use to play!
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  • Did you purchase somthing? Because that could be why, maybe you purchased somthing, but didn’t go through, this could also be apple’s problem, not just traplight’s problem, but take it to traplight first, don’t rush to apple to soon until you are sure that only they can fix it!
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