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Trackbuilder's Tutorials - the perfect circle (part 1)

edited August 2017 in Tutorials
Hello ladies and gentlenerds.

Today I am about to show you how to generate nearly perfect circles, loops and ramps.
We all know how hard it is to draw circles free handed. Some of you are working with pens I've heard, nice gimmick. Most of us are playing on tablets I guess, because I just can't imagine how hard it has to be drawing tracks on a small phone. Ô.ô

Okay. Most of us are about to draw a circle to make a loop or a ramp... looking like this:

You try that again and again, then stopping it and let it be, kinda frustrated. Better got a bad circle than, none, right? ;)
But there are some ways to make this a way more easier. Build yourself tiny little helpers. For example, pick wooden planks, stretch them to the max and make a cross:

Then put your circle around:

If you wanna make it more precise, add some more helpers and you will get it much rounder:

At the end it will look like this:

An alternative way of making small loops is the cube method. You just make a cube as big as your circle shall become...

Then start filling up the inner corners till it looks as round as you wanted it to be:

Then remove the cube and edit the loop as you've imagined it to be on your track:

Voilà! You've managed to create a nearly perfect circle. ;-)

In part 2 I'm gonna show you how to get the big circles done!

See ya!

"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot


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