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Trackbuilder's Tutorials - the perfect circle (part 2)

edited August 2017 in Tutorials
Hello again.

I do not know how many images I can put in a single thread, so I've decided to split my tutorial. Better save than sorry. ;-)

In this part I show you how to manage the big obstacles: HUGE CIRCLES/LOOPS
Many of us know how hard it is to do a perfect tiny circle, others just don't care about good looking circles or loops at all... what a shame. -.-

Anyway... if you wanna put up a big circle, just use concrete and stretch it to the max. If you don't come up with the reason why, I will explain it for you: It is just nearly impossible to grant the exact same length if you try to shorten the concrete, copy it and then turn it around. Maybe there will be a lock fuction one day, so items once placed correct CAN'T be turned or stretched if they are "locked". Who knows... ^^
If you stretch it to the max, you are guaranteed to get all concretes at the same length. Best way to work with it.

It should look like this:

I've put some more helpers on it to get a more precise loop. Once done, you are able to fill it up:

Now you can erase the surroundings and work on that ball to optimize it. Make it nice and round...

Once you're good with your roundness, just paint around it again to get your loop back. Erase the inner brush and build your concept:

Unless there is no UNDO feature nor a copy and paste function, you have to be careful. If you mess it up, you may have to start over again.

WHAT?!? That loop isn't big enough for you? Wait a second... put a little iron cube into the middle of where you want your big loop, then start adding conrete to it:

What did you just say??? Not BIG enough?!? Allrightythen... add another cube and another concrete at each end to max it up:

Add more helpers if you need. And then... have fun brushing your amazing loop! ;-)

That's it.
Hope you guys and gurls are much smarter now. I wish you the best of luck. May the patience be with you.

See ya!

"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot


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