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Trackbuilder's Tutorials - the perfect circle (part 3)

edited August 2017 in Tutorials
Hey ladies and gentlenerds.

After publishing my new tutorial inside my team, a member named @Je1letv brought up his version to make himself a perfect circle I never thought about. Might be much easier, than my ways are. But hey, not everybody likes it the easy way. :)

So he told me that he uses the camera item to build his loops... and now he mentioned that I get a #facepalm and asked myself why I never get that idea... weird stuff.

So... you just take the camera item out for 100$ and place it. Then just choose your size you need...

Once you've chosen your size, just paint around the marker to get it done...

...that's it??!? Ô.ô

Dammit! It can be so easy if you do it right. xD

Okay... now you know every method to draw a perfect circle. Choose the one that fits you the most. Have fun!
Thanks to my buddy @Je1letv for that idea. Should have thought about that myself.

See ya! Happy trackbuilding!

"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot


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