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Trackbuilder's Tutorials - how to get a track done

Hey ladies and gentlenerds.

Today I wanna show you a way to bring up a complete track in a few simple steps you might follow.
Some of us are sitting around, staring at their device, being in the editor and don't know where to start. Sometimes an idea pops into your head and you got a plan or goal, so you got at least something to start with. If not, just do it the random way.

First open a dome and draw some lines...

Then try to make a drivable track out if it by working on it...

Test drive it over and over again, to see where more work is needed. Work a track part by part. If the first part works good (works at least 5 out of 5) go to the next part, but test drive the complete track everytime to see the whole thing works together. Might not be the best choice on big tracks, so you should replace your vehicle on them to save lifetime. ;-)

After putting the next part together, see if you could add, delete or change any part of your track to make it more fun, more difficult or just smoother and let it get a better flow. Depends on what kinda track you wanna build.

Sometimes a part you've had in mind won't work technically or you see a much better way to handle it... just change it and see if it gets better the other way.

Once your track is done and works fine... start to fill up the surroundings, add some art, work with different brushes, add decorations if you've got some points left.

Once you are done with it, drive your track a few times to get the right feeling about it. If you don't like it, yet... try changing things to make yourself comfortable with your track. If you love it allready, just don't upload it, yet!!! Watch your track and see if you can add a few more art or deco... check your driving way again... are there any bumps or holes you've missed? See if you can smoothen your ramps or loops a little bit more. Just try to make it nearly perfect.

After doing all this... drive it again a few times. If everything works fine and you are sure you've made the best out of it... name it and upload. And then let the magic happen!

Most people just upload once the track some kinda works (most of the time). Then are upset of getting dislikes. If you don't gave the best you can do on your track... all your love and fantasy... how could you expect others to love and like it?! If I drive tracks that made without love and the right attitude, I dislike them. Because I don't want to waste my time on bad designed crappy tracks and support them. That is what a voting system is made for. Liking every track you drive, hoping to earn easy likes on your own doesn't help anybody. If a track is technically and optically good or better, like it. If it is bad designed, made quick and rough, without any sense of esthetic... just don't like it. I see really really bad tracks on the path everytime, some of them didn't even worked well to reach the goal alive or with all three map pieces.

You want this game to become better? Just make good tracks and dislike the bad ones. ;-)

This might be your chance to support the game and help to make it a better place for all players.

Oh... and here is the track to test drive it: 'Tutorial Forum Cave' by 'Hauzuwienix'

Thanks people.

See ya!

"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot
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