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Trackbuilder's Tutorials - beginners track

Aloha ladies and gentlenerds.

Today I am gonna show a quick tutorial for those who just started building their own tracks or about to start with it. I show you how your first track could look like and gonna try to hold it very simple. No complex mechanics, no items or switches. I will also come up with a few hints to get a better startup and earn some money.

But for now, we just enter the editor mode, chose adventure mode, the buggy (startups can't chose the bike, yet, if I remember that right) and take the tiny dome.

First thing to see is the dome looking like this:

Just paint some hills...

Now adjust the start and the finish point. You don't have to care about the map pieces at this point.

If you would like to arrange the map pieces, you can do that now. Or just at the end of building your tracks. It just depends on what kind of track you are about to build. Do you wanna make a puzzle track, with difficult ways to reach each map piece, you have to arrange them earlier in the process. If you build just easy to drive flowing tracks, you just can place them at the end of the process.

Just let me arrange them for now...

After that, just test run your track and see if you can reach the goal...

Well done! You've made your first track! Upload it now? ... HELL NO!!! D-8
At that point here you decide if you wanna become a trackbuilder? Or just somebody that uploads crappy tracks.
Think about it. Not only because it works it will be a good track. If you waste your time on such crappy tracks, you will end up unsatisfied, because of all the dislikes you may earn for it!

HINT: The more energy you invest into building tracks, looking for a smooth run, good flow, constant speed (if it is no puzzle track), nice jumps and/or loops, decoration, signs (if necessary), always working mechanics, some art (work with different brushes)... the more likes you will earn, that will end in more money, that will end up being able to buy new items for building. You don't need to spend any coin on building a good track at all. You just can use the game physics to make a cool track.

Hell yeah... I have to apologize. I was about building a track with my 700cc buggy. Newcomers start with 64cc if I remeber correct. So once you guys won't have super power vehicles, I gotta arrange the track down to 100cc with the new enforcer, just to keep the power low! Sorry for that. I just could have corrected that and done some new screens, but hey, even I make mistakes... so we just keep it as some kinda blooper or outtake! xD

So I've added the enforcer. And now, guess what?! I can't get up those hills anymore. So I just cut them off, grand canyon style. ^^

If you make jumps like these here you have to be aware of the landing points! If you land too far away from your downward ramp you just jumped over, you may hit the next upward ramp and then you just stop, maybe you have to pull back to get enough speed to reach the next ramp...

If you land there your track will ve lagging in its flow. It will become a stop and go. Nobody likes that. Arrange the left side of the ramp and try to make the bounce point a little bit steeper, so you won't fly too far. If you miss the downramp and the next upramp, you will lose a bit of speed, but maybe able to get on the next hill.

Try to manage your ramps till you hit the downramp after the jump:

If you manag to land in a downhill position, you are able to speed up for the next ramp or upcoming loop. Just arrange the ramps by adding or deleting with your brush to change the bouncing angle.

Once you are done with that and your track becomes a cool and smooth ride with good speed and no unnecessary stops or brakes... you might add some decoration to make it look good.

Trees and rocks are the cheapest ones, so you should use them, if you've got enough cash. It may look like this...

Yeah... I totally know that you start without big cash in your pocket. And since you've didn't made a real cool track to get cash from, bought yourself cash with real money or shuffled for a BigBang Chest... there might be no cash to decorate much or anything. In that case, use other brushes to decorate your track. Just erase areas you don't drive on an fill them up with another brush...

Such simple tasks make your track stop looking boring or cheap. ;-)

You can test other brushes as well, but not every combination looks good...

After doing all this, and after finally get some decoration done - doesn't matter if many or just a few - you should test drive your map at least 3 more times and think about anything you might have forgotten... in my case... signs! If you run above the edge, you won't have enough speed to climb out of that bowls. So I tell the player to go slow over these edges by a simply sign...

The track is finally done and ready to upload:

Have fun testing this track... but have much more fun building your own! The only borders in this game are your fantasy and imagination! I wish you all the best of luck.

See ya!

"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot


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