Maybe if you want to create a level you have to be in novice league.


  • It's a good idea, and we have thought about this for our future games as well: When should players be given access to the Editor and what can they do when they start using it? It's good idea to actually make players play the game a little bit to get to know the different items and trends, and also to understand better what makes a good level before giving them access to the Editor :) Thank you for the feedback!
  • @wempu I have an idea - what if you unlock metal and lava in fledgling creator instead of at the start - I hate levels that overuse lava and I hate endless bumpy metal ramps!
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    • Let's play BBR! - play my levels, give me tips, and I will do the same to you!
    • My location: right behind your back eating a salad - don't look!, I'll be gone when you look!
    • play my levels! And enjoy them please!
  • Same with me
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