The new finish balls

I have been playing around a bit with all the new items and there is one thing im kinda missing.
It would be nice if the finish balls are affected by black holes,white holes or if we could toggle it on or off.
I wanted to create a nice level where our little alien friend has to follow the finish ball around the track.
I started with a free fall and wanted to bounce dirtbike and finishball with a white hole. But then i noticed the Finish ball is not affected at all.
It would be super sweet if we could toggle it on or if if a finishball interacts with objects or not.
For example, it would be nice if a white/black hole changes the direction of the finish ball, or that a rolling finishball can turn on/off power switches. It would also be super awesome if the camera follows the finish balls if they move but the player verhicle is not moving.
Noe i dont know if any of these things is even posible but it would be freaking awesome :smiley: .
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  • When i try to edit my post to add something it is saying i need vanilla.edit permisions lol, so i add it like this.
    Just been testing a bit more to see if other objects interact with the finish balls.
    The tredmill does and so does the bounce platform (when placed flat) bounce platform placed in a angle worked poorly. The fans also interact with the balls, i used them before to interact with them and it worked nicely .So why does a white or black hole does not interact with them?. It feels a bit random now. Buttons would be nice but it is not a must but the black/white hole should definitly be able to interact if you ask me.
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • For me the rubber goal was affected by the white hole, but, again, different devices take different actions, such as an impossible level or something not right.
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