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New vehicle and level type idea

So I'm introducing my idea: a new level type and a new vehicle, both of which are originals - I thought about them myself

now for the vehicle: (I haven't named it yet - but I will call it the hover vehicle for now)

The hover vehicle hovers above the track and does not use treadmills and bouncers below it, and the interesting part: when the track height changes below the vehicle, this vehicle goes up/down - this can make it so that you can change the height of the track without using a ramp etc.
And please note that in my view the hover should be very weak so that you can use fans, gravity switches and other things to make it go at a fast enough speed to make it smash into the ground and then have the hover effect take effect shortly after, this may seem like a simple idea, but if you think a bit you can use advanced tactics to make the level cool, i will give you an example below:

You use a fan + gravity switch to make the vehicle fly upward at an amazing amount, while the player is turning it around, and then as it nears the top of the level the hover takes effect, but not fast enough, because the vehicle hits a bouncer and the bouncer effect + the hover effect will make it go really high - but the fiver effect is slow acting, so that the hover effect will still remain for about 2 sec after the vehicle is off the bouncer!

And I forgot to mention: the vehicle will only hover above the land (earth, metal, ice etc) not gadgets of any kind, including elevators and gears and concrete, so that the hover vehicle can land on them and activate some of them and some of them can push the vehicle around ( such as the elevators and the gears, because of no hover on these items, the vehicle cannot move on these items, which can make for even more cool and complex scenarios and levels!

What will the vehicle look like? The answer: sort of like a helicopter, I haven't really decided, I've only don't the game mechanics so far!
And one more thing: the CC of the vehicle will or won't change the hover, traplight can decide, if it will change the hover then some things will be possible, at the cost of a track part only being for some CC levels, or maybe the hover will remain stationary through the CC levels, this makes the tracks playable by everyone but you may lose some very minor game mechanics by doing that!

And my second idea:

A new level type: beat yourself (or whatever you would like to call it)

How it works:

You would go into a racing level that you already did, and try to beat yourself, but the other version of yourself you have to beat, will probably be lower CC than you (unless you haven't been upgrading, or you are at max CC) and you can use nitro, so this will be like a racing level, but you have to beat yourself, and if you want to make this type of level then you need to make a racing level as this game mode will also be played in racing levels, this is good as it will mean that if it comes out in game, there will be enough levels of this type to go around for the next month or so after it's release if it is released!

And this level will have a new power up: increase CC by X (X is a number, traplight can choose it, and this will cost 1-3 nitro and will last the entire level (the longer the level, the more nitro required for the boost)

I hope you like my ideas and please post feedback! It is appreciated, even criticism!

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