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MLT monthly competition by @vtvy and @packid bbr

As you might have seen @packid851bbr MLT (monthly level competition) (if you haven't go check it out) that basically every month there is a level contest but there is a requirement like for example one month you're level for competition needs to have only objects in it or something like that. Now, me and @packid851bbr is doing a competition. Here is how it works.I will make a competition, and packid will make a competition.there will be around 3 winners for my and packid's competition.we will have a vote with the Winners who's competition was more fun and better. The person with the best track will pick a winner in the upcoming competition.(he can't pick himself). That's basically all you need to know.

Make a level that has 5 different colored objects, like green sign, red sign, yellow and black treadmill, Gray elevator, white fence, etc.go wild with the stuff that you put in your level.Happy creating! ;): remember. make sure also to do packid's competition.good luck!


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