What Was the Beta Like?

I’ve always wondered what it was like from What on Earth! to the final Beta release. I can connect the rest of the dots since I was an original player (I joined within the first 3 updates), but I never played the Beta. I just decided to make this for no good reason other than to solve the puzzle. Also, what is the new introductory sequence? I don’t wanna reinstall the app ,even though I’m connected to iCloud, just to see a little thing. Maybe there’s more to it than that really good “The Beginning” video and the intro........
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  • @packid851bbr Big Bang Racing has gone through a looooong path of development and changes, and it already existed in one form or another about 2 years before the actual launch. The Editor was originally part of another game, which was scrapped, and then we started working on What on Earth!, which turned into Big Bang Racing about a year before the official launch. As said, the story is long and winding, but I could ask if some of our artists could pick out some early concept arts and screenshots to show you guys how the game was before!
  • Thanks @wempu! I also looked up videos about it. The intro was not Alan alien driving: it was a human. Also upgrades were easier to get but fewer
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • Wow... finally a thread that really awakes my interest. Never thought about that. Would be cool to see how it all began before the actual programming and art came up.

    I am an active gamer, since 32 years now. I've seen a lot and been thru a lot... I was one of the first owner of the early alpha of Minecraft. If I look back to this... you could only walk and jump around at this state. I am not sure if you were able to dig or craft anything at all. But it is a game that truly evolved to something big with endless creativity. Still playing it.

    Wished I could've followed all your ways as well. I am curious about your earliest versions of the game. =)

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