"Bigbang uk" team thread

This is my new thread for all things relating to team "bigbang uk" feel free to ask questions about the game ,tips on building and racing etc, any new recruiting posts will be dated with the amount of available slots and they will only appear periodically to avoid any bumping issues, many thanks to the devs for my new post, happy racing guys and gals ;-)


  • This post is certified as not spam. ;) We closed the other Thread from Bigbank UK because of some mistakes done by Admins, Sorry about that!
    --- Barb

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  • As of 02-10-17 there are currently 5 slots available on our top 10 team, come join us and help progress the team further up the leader board, you will need to be active and have 6k in trophies, we also look forward to playing your lvls and offer building and racing tips ,see ya soon ;-)
  • Anyone from team bbuk if you are having problems with the team chat as I am please contact me in here, I have reported the bug and hope they fix it soon, I'll check in here for any responses ??
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