Racing frustrations

A tournament full of bugs, and full of shortcuts. Why anybody wants to win by exposing a loophole is beyond me.

Win a race by racing. Whilst we are still it, when did races stop being races?

Glitches, lifts, cogs, portals that take about 20 seconds to release you, lucky bounces in races. All of this ruins the game for me. I'm here to race, not get involved in some kind of obstacle course.

Slowly, but surely, I'm losing interest in this game. I used to love it and would spend most of my day and night in it, but now, thanks in part to the above, I'm finding other things to do with my time.

I don't mind losing a race if the other person(s) are better and faster than me, but I hate losing because I've had to spend five minutes waiting for a luff to show up.


  • @bruce, the bugs can be fixed (as far as I know) if you go to settings (in game setting) and turn on GFL or somthing like that, don't know what it was, just know that it had 3 letters, and have a great day :) hope you become more into BBR soon! You are a very nice addition to the community!
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  • @Bruce We are sorry about the poor quality of the latest Tournament. There was a combination of several things happening in the game, with a glitch in the level being one and something happening on the server side as well... We are looking into it, and will hopefully fix this problem before the next Tournament. I hope you can give the Tournaments another chance later, but yes, it's true that the latest one was not a success that we hoped it would be :( We'll do better next time!
  • @wempu thanks for the reply. In my original post I stated that I was slowly losing interest in the game. A few things have happened in the past few days that have pushed me into producing my best trophy haul yet.

    Bring it on haters - you are driving me on to more trophies
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