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8-10-17 crash bug

edited October 2017 in Bug reports
HI guys just discovered a bug and put this up for others to report same problem? Today my game is having issues, for the most part it's all working but when I try to play a team mates level from inside the team chat the game crashes ,I have also noticed that any text I write in team chat doesn't remain fixed and is removed when I return to team chat, the rest of the game seems function ok , I will update this post if I find any more ,please help soon as I can't chat to team ;-(


  • edited October 2017
    @tml I haven’t discovered any issues, maybe you could ask a teammate on the forums etc, to tell the rest of the team about your glitch so they don’t give you the boot!
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  • Yeah cheers dude, I've already posted in the forum team thread as its my team ,it's so messed up , just had 1 person take up 2 slots on team ,same ID on both check it out you can see it on bbuk, so frustrating that I can't chat to my team ;-(
  • Ok I've now got team chat back? But still have the one new player occupying two slots under the same ID? Ahh well at least I can chat to team again?
  • If the total count of the Team members is 51, then I think it's just an old bug we once saw. If it's 50 spots, then you might need to kick them both and have just the "one" rejoin. Try it out and see if that solves it.
    --- Barb

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