So unfair

On support it says if you get caught cheating you can't join teams, well I can't join teams iv never been mean to anyone, but I must have been reported, I don't think iv been mean I think that someone has reported me because I did the glitch on the tournament. Please let me join teams and do what a normal person should do.


  • I'm so disappointed I was thinking about usinstalling the game and reinstalling it but I should leave so much behind and I am annoyed about the problem
  • HI red, make a note of your ID ,coins, gems and place on maps (just in case ) but if you uninstall and reinstall you shouldn't lose any of your progress, once reinstalled just play the 1st lvl and you will then be given the option to continue as new player OR you can choose to pick up where you left off, it's usually the option on the right! Good luck happy raceing
  • I did but then I thought about losing all my progress so I went back to my account.
    But the games so boring if you can't join teams or chat to anyone. I used to love this game but now is boring. Developer's if there is a way to undo this thing please let me now, cheers :)
  • @wempu or @barb I'd like some help with it :)
  • Oh sorry!, We had been super busy with the Level challenge that I apologize for neglecting the forums.

    Just send us a support ticket and we can see what happened with your account.

    And by the way, don't worry about reports. We go through them and is we do find reasons we ban players, but if you haven't done anything you have nothing to fear.

    It could be a bug too, so please just send us a ticket inside the game so they can take a look at your account :)
    --- Barb

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  • @barb how do I send you a support ticket
  • And what do I say @Barb
  • Go to Settings - Support, and then there is a chat bubble. There Just say something like "Please check if i'm banned" that way we can find the ticket and know what to do ;)
    --- Barb

    Have a question? Check our FAQ's!
  • Ok done @barb, thanks do much, I hope you do it in time so I can join the tournament :) :)
  • Does it worked @redracer ? :)
  • Well they did it :) ;) but I didn't get to play the tournament
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