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  • Ok, sounds good @wempu:)
  • @wempu @CommanderBeta @Xx_Wither_xX @Simranjeet9_ Thanks for rembering me, guys. Correct, I do work for NASA, not SETI, but you have my word that if I encounter any alien attorneys, I'll get their intergalactic phone numbers. They probably use Verizon. :)
  • Ok thx :) we will be tuned in if you find any alien discoveries ;)
    • Follow me in Big Bang racing - tag: @dqvdp (in game, not on forums)
    • Let's play BBR! - play my levels, give me tips, and I will do the same to you!
    • My location: right behind your back eating a salad - don't look!, I'll be gone when you look!
    • play my levels! And enjoy them please!
  • Good @wempu, let's hope it takes a while for bots to get around it.
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