Hey @comp I am Esuper and I would like to ask if I could make an official trackbuilders 3. And if you could send some of you players to the new trackbuilders if you accept my offer.

Thanks Esuper


  • Esuper,

    You do not need anyone's permission to start a team. Additionally, there are no trademarks on team names. You can name it Trackbuilders3, BigBang Racers, or even Trackbuilders, if you would like too. Do not feel any obligation to seek another player's approval when you have all the same rights and privileges as they do. This game was meant to be enjoyed by all, so provided it does not violate the terms of agreement, feel free to do anything that helps build upon your love for the game. Have fun!
  • Thanks @Mike_the_Vike but I still like asking. I feel like Precision Racing is going nowhere and I like to make levels so it would be great if I could pass the leadership back to you or someone else.
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