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Whats the current amount of levels on the What on Earth! server?

Whats the current amount of levels on the What on Earth! server? I was wondering because I'm on level 578?


  • We currently have 405 levels that have been published and added to the progression, and 157 levels waiting for players to test them out (the NEW levels section). We used to have more levels in the last beta, but because of the changes we had to make to the game's progression some of the levels broke and had to be removed from the servers alltogether.

    If there's only 405 levels published, it means that you have most likely played many of the tracks on your path several times already, which is of course not something that we want. After soft launch we hopefully have a much bigger level pool, and you can go on for a long time without having to play the same levels over again :)
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    @wempu How many levels now? I remember this post and it was a while back!
  • hehe well I think we are around 7 million levels now ;)
    --- Barb

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  • Actually, new numbers fresh from our servers:
    • Around 3.5 million levels published.
    • Around 4.4 million levels saved on Editor.
    • 6609 levels waiting to be tested.
    Which gives us a grand total of 7.9 million levels :D
    This is amazing!! Two years ago we could have never predicted this amount!

    xoxoxox Thanks everyone for being on this journey with us!
    --- Barb

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  • Sorry, no time to party with you @Barb , got tracks to build. :p
    But I am happy with your success! ;) You've earned it!
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