Inexplainable relation of trayectory and far objects.

I was building a level with an explosive barrel launcher, it worked like a charm, but after placing some pumpkins half a giant dome away it changed the barrels trayectory and I had to correct it.

Please tell me if it's a bug or a weird feature I'm not aware of.

Name:Commander Beta ID:@dj597 Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Game version:3.5.9


  • It’s odd, sometimes happens to me too, perhaps traplight can fix this, idk why it would be intentional
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  • It happened to me yesterday with the boulder changing trajectory after I drew quite heavily with mud. Don't know why @CommanderBeta :confused:
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  • I had to change it again after changing the detonating system.
  • @CommanderBeta Hi there! The game's physics engine can only get to a certain degree of accuracy. This means that if you try to make something very sophisticated and accurate happen (like a chain reaction that involves carefully built launchers, flying objects, a small target to hit etc.) the outcomes of each try will actually become more uncertain. This is something that we cannot really fix, as it's the physics engine's limits we are talking about. In general there are always slight variations on how things happen, and when you put things in a row, the small variances can ultimately build into huge differences in the outcome. To avoid this, try to make your systems and chain reactions less dependant on super accurate outcome. Make your targets bigger, make the chain reactions simpler etc. Thanks for the question, and good luck! :)
  • Hi, It was extreamly reliable at first, but I guess it had to opt for a simpler trayectory. It's fixed now though
  • @CommanderBeta The good thing about this is that it makes the game more realistic; for example when you drop an object in real life it does not always land in the same position as before, because of there being underlying factors affecting the outcome. Let's treat this bug as a challenge to be overcome for each time it occurs :)- the only option is to adapt. Thank you @wempu :)
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  • Hi, It was extreamly reliable at first, but I guess it had to opt for a simpler trayectory. It's fixed now though

    When you are building a track and just testing in the Editor you can get some very complex things to happen the same time every time you test, but once you publish the level, the physics change just a little bit and then the problems occur if the system was too fine tuned :O That's the hard part, you cannot really see the problems in Editor, only after you publish.
  • @wempu, it was still in the editor when the change in trayectory happened after I placed some pieces trying to figure out how to make the explosions on the level work properly. I have never posted it since it's a level to post if they finally decide to accept me into the "Trackbuilders". Therefore it can't be a problem with posting, wich by the way I had a few months ago with explosives too. The curse strikes back at a fitting time, just before Halloween
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