I click on a name on the list of team members, then play a level and this happens.


  • Oh Jev.. breaking your game right before your Tournament tst tst tst ;)

    Silly question but have you tried closing the game and reopening for a fresh reload?
    Else, you might need to reinstall if it doesn't clear up with fresh restart.
    --- Barb

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  • Sorry it happened @Je1letv, but it helps if you access it from the level picker, I have a little trick that will help you @Je1letv, I will tell you if you PM me
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  • Barb is rigth, it would be a real shame if you couldn't play your own tournament. Hope you manage to fix it.
  • I clicked the exit button and then the game crashes. When I reopened the member list is gone.. But if I click on the team members list and click someones name and play a level, the same happens...
  • I see...
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