New items.

I'd like everyone who is got an idea about artifacts or pieces to share it here.

My suggestions:

Glue: pieces , specialy steel boxes often move more than you would like them to. For these reason I suggest that you are able to put glue on the side of some pieces. Making them not sepate having a stable block that can be moved and affected by gravity.

C4: it would be an explosive that would be remotely triggered by a sort of swich, although it wouln't have as big of a radius as other explosives it should be able to destroy steel and electric material.

Rocket engine: it would be an advanced item that when triggered by a swich it would ignite it would provide thrust, it could propel other object if atached by glue to other pieces.

Hope you also post your ideas and most important, that the developers decide to use some of them.


  • I would love to see a better advanced items system. Like if you upgrade your car u get a 100cc enforcer...
    If u reach 1 star you’ll unlock an item(s), and if u reach 2 stars you’ll unlock new items....
  • Well yes, I've got tons of great ideas that require advances items and infinite that would work better.
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