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Preferential level types (Tags)

edited October 2016 in Feedback
Hard levels, some love them, some hate them (I am part of the group that hate them, no offence). Usually, hard levels get completely destroyed by dislikes when they are posted, however I have come up with a solution that could give them the chance they deserve!

Preferential Level Types! (It's in the title, what did you expect?)
When a person is about to publish their level, they select level tags through a list of predetermined tags. Players could then select their preferred levels to play in their player menu, so only levels with those tags will show up (Just for the 'greenlight' stage or even on the planet map).

Now you may be thinking, a person could just select all tags and get maximum exposure!
Sure, but say it's an auto level yet it has every tag and a person who doesn't have auto in their preferentials would dislike it, same as everyone else who doesn't have auto in their tags. Ergo level has high dislikes and ends up in the bin.

Examples for tags could be:
Hard, auto, easy, race (For greenlight stage), aesthetic.. Etc.
(Reply with tag ideas if you think of any)

Excuse me if this was confusing, I tend to be really incoherent in my explanations :confused:
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  • Good idea
  • You have a great idea and I totally understand it :)
  • Good idea! Another tag could be automatic levels/levels that play themselves as well
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • edited November 2016
    I totally dig the idea of some sort of classifiction system/tags for tracks, and on the plus side it will further add structure to *what* this game is trying to be. :)

    That said, (and I sincerely apologize for sounding like a broken record, and really would like if my post would not "highjack" this discussion) there are two things in BBR that I feel are the two most essential areas to allocate reaources:

    Editor Un-do/(redo if possible) button. And..

    Solving the adventuring level power differential problem, one way or another:

    Either, one universally set vehicle power for all players,

    Or, power setting able to be set by level builder,

    Or, have the driver inherent the exact vehicle stats as the builder had at the time of publishing.

    But, please back on topic!! Sorry! :x

    Tags I can imagine (and ones I've already been using between brackets like [this] sometimes):

    Easy, hard, advanced (or very hard)

    No Boost as well as No-Flip(boost)

    - and similarly -
    Press Forward (hold gas)


    - and/or -



    Endurance (long tracks, sometimes several minutes)

    Etc... There surely could be more but I imagine the core would look something like that.

    Cheers, I think something similar to this could be interesting to have incorporated :)

    Edit: want to add that it might be worth considering only allowing you to be able to choose just 1, or maybe 2 tags

    Edit 2: I feel bad I really did just damn near highjack this thread. Please ignore my off-topic babble. I think it only came to mind by me really liking this idea and trying to think about where I'd place it on a priority list. Again, sorry :x
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  • @comp I love the suggestions! On top of that, I'd say maybe options for short/medium?/long and glitch
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • Selectable categories for playing levels?

    YES!! I like making hard ones and fun ones but have found that most people prefer the fun ones. I also am in different moods and would love to choose levels to play based on how I'm feeling.
  • These are obviously sensitive features to implement and get right before they go live. Integrating an entire new system like this involves so many adjustments to what's already live I imagine, but I'm pretty sure they're considering ideas like this. And I know for sure I can speak for dozens of players advocating for this - it's a no-brainer if you ask anyone ;P

    And ofc cheers Traplight for doing your best :)
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  • Yes, these kind of systems would basically throw out of balance everything we have made about choosing a level.

    When a level is "given to you" it has gone through a complex process to get to you. From first testing if the level can be finished by someone with your CC's, to if people actually consider it Fun, and then to how Fresh and Popular it is compared to all the other levels out there.

    If we made a tag system like this, it could multiply each of these processes by each tag and end up with a huge tangle of level queues. I don't know the very detailed specifics but when we have talked about a feature like this, it has always remained in our to-do list since there are so many other features that are also waiting to be made, that would take less time and would be far simpler to implement than that one.

    Basically we just run out of hands to develop everything we wish for the game.

    (and yes, we do keep track of every single with you guys ever tell us through any channel :))
    --- Barb

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  • @comp @Barb Maybe you don't have to use it to choose which ones are on the planet?
    In the search tab, maybe add a section to search tags so you can still play levels you want to and also don't have to change anything dramatically. Not as practical, but still works and probably a lot less work to implement.
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • Ah see I'm with you @n00b , I had imagined this system not effecting the planet track choice at all. I like the idea just for the sake of being able to classify track types.

    That alone would be cool, just to give a driver an idea of what they're about to drive, as well as add culture to the game in the form of discussion between players both in game, and here in the forums. Being able to say something like "I usuallyrun into this problem on my FullSpeed tracks where..." and we all know what they're talking about.
    Then maybe you can say "I like to build the jumps on my FullSpeed tracks extra wide.. the landing won't be as smooth but it will allow more people to be able to drive it right".

    Throw in a "searchable by Type" thing or something similar like you mention bud and hey, that's even better! And I think it's the most practical idea of all @n00b :P (I know what you meant though xP)
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  • Yeah, we have thought of this for a long time and every so often it comes back up in the conversation. We would love to see this feature made too. Another player said to us the other day "I'd love to be able to find tracks that match my mood of the day" We thought that was really cool! If you are feeling like super fast explosive tracks one day, but then slow and meticulous the other, a tag system would be great for finding the right levels to play.

    We are currently working on a new game mode to add to the game, but we are still not ready to release it. But perhaps after that we can start evaluating what new features we will work on then. You should see our "ideas" spreadsheet... it's long :D We need more hands to program everything that we want to add :D
    --- Barb

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  • Like a beta tester, @barb ? I want to beta test Traplight's next game.
    Eat My Dust, packid851
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  • @packid851bbr We might need beta testers for our new games in the future. If that happens, we will definitely tell about the option here on the forum! :) Right now however there isn't much need for that, as we have enough testers here at the office :)
  • THIS. I WANT THIS. Could we crowd fund to hire a new programmer on contract just to work on a tag system? : D

    I agree with this thread so much! Am bookmarking this as a priority. @DeJota_CDI you'll probably like this thread too mate :)

    Definitely creating a new separate system would cause less damage to existing level selection processes.

    EDIT: this bit is off topic, but this thread has the attention of some of the best track builders in the game.

    Has anyone else here found a good way to prioritise who to "follow" in game?

    I made the mistake of following too many people and now can rarely find time to play anyone I follow's levels.

    I've started using the forums to find best track builders. Is how I came across @Speed @comp Dominic too (can't remember his forum name). Noob, Nino and Dejota I found in game through featured levels.

    And Lorp... is lorp on the forums?

    Sorry, off topic!
  • Yeah @Splodge, having some fun levels posted here ensures that they keep being relevant and people can find them even if they are not currently featured.

    I haven't seen Lorp Loggins. I think he sent us a message on social media and we were thrilled, as we had no way of communicating with him before :D
    --- Barb

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  • Hello Slender fox. Thanks for understanding.
    I love hard level so I make them and get tons of dislikes.
  • Hi @SlenderFox , it's a great idea, but I don,t think it could be applied to path levels because someone could choose to only get auto levels and he or she would get effertless chests.
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