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New stunts!

edited October 2016 in Feedback
What an awesome game! But I can't' help but want my bike rider to do a superman seat grab, a lazy boy or a tsunami!!! It would be most appreciated to see some stunts added, for those long jump hang times.

Here is a link that may give you some ideas;)


  • That looks awesome! Right now we have so many things that we need and want to add that I am not quite sure how the stunts could fit into the game. All I can do is pass it on to our artists and see what they think :) Thanks for the suggestions!

  • It would be cool to see an alien hanging on to the seat of a dirt bike. It's something you wouldn't see elsewhere.
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  • Fantastic idea!
  • Not a stunt or anything but a suggestion for the game. It would be awesome if we can turn the driver around like all the other objects and give the. Gravity. Buttons a on off toggle.

    Those 2 combined would make it posible to start upsidedown
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    Hehe, stunt animations is a fun idea, could be cool down the road :D
    Freakie! That's one of the more interesting full blown features (as opposed to tuning and fixes and general upkeep on the game) that I really like :)

    You could do that a few ways.. like you said, gravity toggle, and driver start switching, but since you can spawn on top of a gravity switch, even just allowing start switching serves the same purpose.

    Then I guess I'd ask about the pro's and cons of it being 4-way 90 degree toggle type thing or just throwing the standard object rotate function enabled on the start. I personally like the rotation function.

    Fun ideas guys :)
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  • Yeah nice ideas guys!
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  • hehe @Simranjeet9_ lol ^^

    I was thinking about this a little recently and we already have the little animation where little dude throws his arm up on big jumps and such... even just adding a few more little animations like that would go a long way. I realise these animations need to be very quick and not look awkward if landing on the ground mid-animation.. But for folks out there craving being able to do flips and stunts and stuff, it would be a start.

    Adding an entire fully fleshed out stunt system is just extremely unrealistic right now though... :(
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