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FAO BigBang Racers

Hey all,

Sorry for leaving the team. I was going backwards and left so that my trophy count reducing wouldn't impact on our team position. I'll be back soon (if you'll take me) but just need to take a break from the racing so that I don't mess up your position.

Happy racing all.


  • Hay Bruce, I've moved on for now but my account melted down with the update,I lost everything lvls, coins ,gem ,follows, they've fixed most of it but my friend follows are still sketchy, thanks for not unfollowing me, it seems everyone else has unfollowed me ? I have followed everyone I can remember so if you could explain I didn't stop following my account crashed and I'm trying to follow all again, anyway have fun in tourny I'm 18th at the mo,have fun dude ;-)
  • What seems to have happened is that there were two of you, one that had all your follows and then the "new one". The one I was originally following had nothing in it, but when they remade your account I could see that I wasn't following it, and it had all of your levels etc on there, so I followed it again.
    I'll let the others know :)

    Stay well my friend, hope to see you making levels still - this week, in case you are interested, we are making WTCs based on "speed"
  • Ahh cool buddy,the devs are looking into it for me and hopefully Monday they'll fix it for me. I might put a quick race up for you lot to play with,don't feel right doing a wtc,but I will still keep checking all you guys out, that's why I want to sort follows and friends out so I can play levels, anyway thanks for responding and letting me know what happened to my account; -)
  • Tml buddy! I'm going to search and follow your new account now. Really glad they are trying so hard to work it out for you. In their livestream they said it happened to like 1400 or 1600 accounts
  • I just looked and mine switched accounts on its own. Yesterday I had the broken one
  • HI gdn, good to chat ,yeah I think my account is all back to normal now and things are all there again so that's good, I was gutted at the time as you could imagine, gunna finish this season on (need for speed) and give trackbuilders a shot so keep an eye out for levels, I'm a bit concerned about 1 member but I think I could develop my building skills there,hope you're all having fun in the tourny and catch you all in the races,I see tetru was moving a bit so that's good.
  • @tml I would have absolutely freaked out! I also think trackbuilders would be a perfect team for you if the issue gets resolved. Anyways, great to hear from you again!
  • Cheers, let guys know I did a little race for um yesterday to have a play on ,its designed to slow the big ccs down a little bit in places, "B B racers;-)have fun" be good ;-)
  • @Tml I was following you,re-follow me,please!
  • I could only find miss y's (wtc) for speed? Did you change the theme? Or was there no more entries? 2tup by the way miss y, I was expecting to see a bus though lol;-)
  • We moved it to this week TML, as everybody was focusing on the tourney :o)
  • Lol I'll keep an eye out for um sunday then, got 21st in tourny this time round, and on my tablet account (tml2) (very original ) lol I got the golden helmet yay ;-)
  • Wow!! Well done for that. I was in a team with Miss Y and she narrowly beat another team member after being goaded by him in our chat - good fun :)
  • Awesome, I had dce in our room and he was having a missive ding dong with one of our team but dce had just enough to pip him to 2nd, I think from our team I was top 3 ,it's quite good being near the top in a team, but there's not a lot of chat .
  • edited April 2017
    tml said:

    I could only find miss y's (wtc) for speed? Did you change the theme? Or was there no more entries? 2tup by the way miss y, I was expecting to see a bus though lol;-)

    I was up for most of the weekend focusing on the tourney.. You more than anyone know how much I wanted that shiny hat. I totally lost track of time and before I knew it Sunday was upon me and I had no WTC made so I threw that lvl together in 10 mins just so I had something. But then we decided to postpone the WTC for the week. So I thought I would post the bus level just for a laugh.
    When I won my room all I could remember was you saying to me, during my rant at the first beta, "you seem pretty cocky. What makes you think you will even win the helmet?"... Hahaha

    any way, I miss you, Tml.. I miss our talks, I miss your lvls, and I miss your humour...
    Take care my friend...
    Hugs and kisses,
    Miss Y...

    Just because I smile everyday does not mean something is not bothering me...

  • tmltml
    edited April 2017
    Hahaha, we'll done and congratulations on your shinny helmet, I'm checking in and playing wtc lvls when available lol,another tourny this week though so time may be short again, I'm trying new teams week by week but the chat has slow in most ?? Waiting for trackbuilders to become a viable option ,at the moment there's 1 issue stopping me joining can't deal with it again? ? Anyway all is good I'm having fun (not as much) and thanks for the chat,I'm in with dce now so maybe I'll get some more tips and catch up with ya lol ;-)
  • You should be with me... Devs have asked me to share my tips on becoming great. Lol.
  • Lol miss y,devs were awesome the other day when I lost my account, had me up and running in no time,thanks for all the love just seen other thread (will comment l8r) it's a bit weird trying to fit in on other teams and I've not done so much building because of that for some reason? I do have 3 half finished ones ,I'll get to um soon lol. I miss the battle with bruce as well he made me a better racer,ok I guess you helped a bit too ;-) sadly I'm a stubborn git and don't find return an option, I've opened a team on my tablet account to see if I can get one running (it has 2 me and another lol) just a bit of fun when I'm waiting for chests to open. Anyway be good race hard and give the devs hell lol , (not too much)xx
  • Tml come home...
  • I never wanted to leave miss y,I waited all day to get an acknowledgement that his lvl could be and was offense to some, that's all I wanted and I would have just got on with it,however he took it as an opportunity to poke me with a stick when I was already pissed at him,rather than just say "if my lvl upset anyone I'm sorry I never meant it to?" He started defending it, unfortunately the time for him to apologize and say something like that has long passed, but rest assured I am watching the team and if the timing is right and members are willing I would return, anyway enough of that crap back to racing, be good x ;-)
  • Yes but the thing is it was only offensive because you saw something that was not there... No one else saw that.. I'm atheist also, I realised that it was showing the commercial side and religious side... I mean no offence by this or do I mean to dis you. but the only thing offensive was what your mind thought it was, when it wasn't. And I really hate to say this but I think you should forget about it as it was something out of context...
    I know you wont. And I know you will think I'm wrong, And everything else why you don't or will not do that...
  • Oh I seen something there alright because it was there ,it may not have been intentional and I believe now it wasn't, but there is a clear message within the level that non religious are condemned while religious are not, I know you can't access the path that leads to death but the suggestion is still there, but the bigger issue was his unwillingness to see it.
  • Tml, he was beating himself up over how he could have done it different if he realized it could have been seen that way. Only thing he came up with is he could have put blue ice instead of electric. You aren't the only one that didn't get it as he intended, I saw that too but I genuinely feel that was not his intention. We really do miss ya man!
  • I hear ya gdn, but as I said earlier I gave him the whole day after posting in chat a simple apologie or acknowledgement from him not intending offense was all I wanted, when he started talking to me ,he defended it and goaded me further .
  • Tml, I honestly had no idea that you were offended until the moment just before you left. Apparently others had been informed but, unfortunately, I had not. If you go back and look at lmy other levels, I have used that exact same design twice before. As a creator yourself, I'm sure you will understand that the rolling balls adjusts the camera view. This was only done so people could see the two sides, commercial and religious. I never, in my wildest imagination, would have seen it as you did. If I had ever thought of it that way, I would have used blue, instead of red. I understand you are upset and I won't try to change your opinion but I assure you it was not meant to be taken the way you saw it. I apologize that you did. If I could go and edit it to blue, I absolutely would! Please speak to GDN, he can confirm that I am a scientist (physicist) and do contract work for NASA. So while out of respect for everyone I will keep my religious views private, but you can safely make the assumption that we are not too far apart in our personal views. Again, in no way did I mean to send the message that you received nor did I have prior knowledge to offense. It was, honestly as innocent as choosing red over blue. I assure you, I will NOT use that color for that design, again.
  • Mike that is all I ever wanted was someone just to see It as I had,it is very subtle and I now know you had no bad intentions ,I get the signs you put were to show the 2 half's of the level but as the camera is focused on that one point I seen it as religious stand point ,and that is what got me ,I completely except your apology and wanted to say this in here rather than clog up the chat in team,if could let gdn know I'll be back at start of season and leave a slot open for, I think we can now close on this issue now I know I'm not going mad and there was,( all be it subtle that everyone missed it but me) something there to upset. And again I know you didn't mean any harm by it. Virtual hand shake let's try again? ;-)
  • You got it, buddy! Thanks for understanding! Glad to let everyone know you're coming home. See you soon.
  • PS - in your absence, I have continued to follow you and have +2'd all of your new levels.
  • YES!! @tml I'm so happy you're coming back. You're much missed my friend.
  • Cheers Bruce, I'll race ya to 7k when the new season starts; -)
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