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Winners and Traplight Jury comments

Congratulations everyone! Creation Challenge 2016 was successfully completed! B)

Wanna know the winners?

We thank you all for being so curious and brave to try out new things such as video recording! :smile: Even though it seems so easy, for example, for YouTubers to release videos daily. It actually requires a lot of energy and effort! We appreciate that you found time to participate in our first Creation Challenge! <3

If you are interested, why did we make this choices the honorable jury board of Traplight left a special comment for each winner video and honorable mentions:


Word from the jury:
Every second of this video kept us hooked! The perfectly phased editing and narrative provided interesting insight to all aspects of level creation process, all the way from pre-defining a layout to smoothing out the slopes. We are inspired by the attention to every detail, and believe videos like this can boost Big Bang’s creative community to new heights.

RACING WINNER: freakiebeakie

Word from the jury:
Although the playable aspects of this level might not be best suited for racing (very few spots where you can improve your goal time), the video itself kept us mesmerized from start to finish. With zero use of decorative items, you can still create absolutely stunning looking levels with clever use of ground materials and physical items.


Word from the jury:
We were thrilled to see so many elements that we’re always looking for in good racing levels: multiple spots where to improve/worsen your goal time, balanced alternative routes, and an optimal level length that is not too short and not too long.


Word from the jury:
If there had been an ”out-of-the-box” category, HERBIE would’ve been a clear winner. Just because you don’t have access to capture video from your device, you can always hire a camera man, an assistant director, and compose some of the most epic music we’ve ever heard! This is the kind of creative thinking that our world needs.


Word from the jury:
A great example of an interesting timelapse where something beautiful is created from scratch. Bravo!


Word from the jury:
Typically the most popular Adventure levels are very streamlined and effortless to clear, for understandable reasons. However, every now and then it’s great to come across a level that forces you to stop and think about what you’re doing, a level that challenges your mind and fingertips.



  • edited November 2016
    @Traplight, Thanks for giving us a chance to win epic prices in this awesome creation challenge. i was really surprised to hear that i won with my race track creation.
    i might not use many decorative items but i always manage to reach maximum complexity. and sometimes less is more :).

    I started playing BigBang racing after my 3 year old son downloaded the game on our tablet and soon after that the whole family was Hooked :smiley: . I started creating levels for my son because there are a lot of levels that are just to hard for a 3 year old.
    that's also one of the reasons i try to make easy to finish but hard to win tracks.
    as the jury mentioned, there are not much advantage points and that's what makes my race tracks hard to win once someone sets a good time.

    I also like to congratulate @Noob with his price winning adventure level ( your levels are awesome!)

    and to all the people who did not win, Next time it is your level that wins! keep building those awesome tracks!!
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • @Freakiebeakie pretty much summed it up, but I just want to say thanks as well for the challenge! I love seeing you guys add in extra bits to the game like this that adds a whole new creative element to it. It's awesome to see everyone's videos and all the effort everyone puts into their levels (by the way, awesome music choices everyone ;) ).

    And @Freakiebeakie congrats to you too man! Amazing art as well! :)
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • Congratulations to everyone - I feel like a winner too after watching your entries!! Awesomesoup!
  • I am greatly honored to be here, I was googling myself one day and found this. I'll be sure to win the next level creation contest.
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