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Hello, My 8 year old son likes to play this game but today he got really scared by Criss Cross who has a very scary profile picture that I find totally unapropriate for a game like this. Is it possible to bock him or for someone to make him remove his profile picture?

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  • @wempu , A possible solution is to send him (PyroDendron) an ingame message and ask him to change his picture if he pleases, explaining him why. His profile image is scary even for me :D
  • @DeJota_CDI i agree it is very scary and i dont like it, but how do you send someone a in game message? i wish they make something like to to contact individual players.

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  • I am not frightened by it, though i am kind of weirded out by it
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  • Dominic's profile picture is scary for someone little like a 4 year old
  • Dominic’s profile pic is my favourite: it looks cool (not meant to be that scary) and has a nice quote
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