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New double gem event?

So few questions for the trap light team, the new double gem event is awesome and gotten me back into playing those when I have time. So I see there's about 3-5 levels every half hour, do they stack? Meaning if I don't play for a couple hours would there be about 10-20 levels ready to go? And I see that this is the new shiny one day event how often will it happen? Once or twice a month like tournaments? Will they be specific or random days? Keep up the amazing work!

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    Hi! This is the first time we run it, so until we gather the data of how successful it went, we might need to adjust it to work better.

    The main idea behind this event is that, during Tournaments, players don't check the Good or Bad levels, or play many Adventure levels or Race. The problem is that the Good or Bad queue gets super long and Creators (who might not be too much into Tournaments) have a hard time because their levels take a lot longer to be played.

    In order to get the queue moving better, we thought that this event would encourage players, with a little extra incentive, to move the queue. So players are happy with extra fragments, and Creators are happy because it doesn't take that long for their levels to be tested. Or so is our intention.

    We have also limited how many levels are shown at a time so that we distribute the queue evenly across the board and don't just run out of levels from the queue altogether. It would be bad if there is the Double Gem event, and there are no Gem levels to be played!

    As always, we will adapt to how things progress and will make modifications depending on how we see it went. But we have high hopes for this mini event :)

    Let us know what you think!
    --- Barb

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  • I loved it, it totally worked on me and it will definetely work with other players and I can see the need for it. Great work as always! Love that you guys are paying attention to the smallest of details and making so many new and fun things
  • We are happy to hear it :)
    It does seem to have worked out at least with the preliminary numbers, so it did help the queue along :)
    --- Barb

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