This is very annoying.

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Nothing to say.(I finished 4th in those four races):

The first one:
This was much worse:

The third: (I was so fucked):
And the last one, after a 100 trophy drop:


  • What's annoying about it?
  • First: The system faces me against players with +200cc difference. Even if I upgrade my vehicles as much as I can, I only win about 15cc in each vehicle. Second: If I lose, I lose more than 30 trophies (I suppose this as a normal thing in Big Bang League) but the system forces me to lose those 36-39 trophies.
  • Most of the players I know of are getting this. It makes it all the more rewarding when you win. I'm up against 1,200 cc constantly at the moment. Just upgrade wisely (I'd suggest speed upgrades first) and you'll get there soon enough.
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    Also all upgrades related to nitro, that really makes a difference in races. And to earn a lot of money, try to play 30-40 adventure levels a day
  • Yes Traplight Should Fix It
  • I win a lot of money by levels, but my most important problem is: I only have +3cc pieces to upgrade. I have bad luck with roulette or map epic chests, and I spend my gems in nitros. I play good or bad levels every day, but if you can recommend anything, please do it.
  • @HomeroGaming930

    I will give you the same advice I give our teammates. In the shop every day buy common parts (I suggest 2-3000 worth every day). When your common parts max out you will only get rare and epic parts in your chests and they will max out quickly.

    Hopefully this helps and good luck!
  • What's the max level for commons? 12?
  • @HomeroGaming930

    Yes, it is 12 for common, 10 for rare, and 8 for epic.
  • Well that's a lot of coins I wish you good luck for the future. It really seems annoying especially if you lose so many trophys.
    Por cierto, sienta bien saber que hay buenos diseñadores de niveles de habla hispana.
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