Team "bigbang uk"

Bigbang uk, is an up an coming team that although being UK based is open to all comers and is on the verge of entering the world top 100 teams, all members should be active and enjoy trophy raceing, we also welcome racers with an aptitude for level building and look forward to your creations. So check us out and if there's slots available pop in and play for a season and see if "bigbang uk" is the team for you.


  • Just a quick update, we now reached the top 100 and look forward to you joining us on our journey up the leader board; -)
  • Hello team ,if you've got any questions about the team or game in general post on here and/or look around the other forum posts to find what you're looking for, for example there are loads of posts on how to get hats just go and look;-)
  • tmltml
    edited July 2017
    Currently recruiting fast and active racers, come join our journey on the leader board climb ;-)
  • Hi everyone here in the thread and on the Forum,

    Yesterday there was an incident here that let me take some hasty and unprofessional actions regarding flagged posts. As to correct this situation, I have deleted most of the posts that lead up the the situation, including the (correctly) flagged spammy posts, and I am now making this post to explain the situation in more detail.

    There was a situation where a person had posted the same message over and over again in this thread, and some people had flagged these posts. Reading the thread in a hurry I thought that these people were actually bullying someone by incorrectly flagging their messages. Instead of contacting these people in private, I completely lost my judgement and posted these people's names here on this thread with a warning to stop.

    I was confronted by these people, and I realised my mistake. I 100% agree that people should be able to flag posts here on the Forum without the fear of losing their anonymity. You are not allowed to reveal the names of people who flag posts publicly. Everyone, admins included, will abide this rule from now on.

    Also, bumping threads by spamming or copying your own message (which is essentially spamming as well) is not allowed in the rules. Please stop doing this, thank you.

    I apologise to the people involved in this situation, as well as the whole community for causing such a hazzle. This was a good learning for me and to the whole admin team. Let's continue from here on by abiding these rules, and being nice to each other.

    Thank you.

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