Minus likes by top creators?

I know I have posted already a couple of minus threads but now there is another glitch that doesn't make sense. I was Checking top creators in friends section and I found that it says by @HomeroGaming930 10- likes this season. That doesn't make sense because all of his levels have lots of likes.here's a picture of it.

Please explain how this is possible. Thanks.


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    This has been going on for like 5 days.
  • Maybe HomeroGaming930 created a test level then deleted it, so the 10 likes earned from that level were removed @vtvy :)
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    @Simranjeet9_ No. It hasn't happened. I don't know what happened here.
  • Oops...10 seconds after that post I have discovered what happened...Yes, I launched a re-uploaded loop level that didn't get much likes (It also was ugly, so I deleted it) and my subscribers must know I know when my levels are in the Path, and I mega-like all of them before they get to 100 likes. Yes, that -10 is one of my mega-likes.
  • (Sorry for being repetitive) But I forgot to say that, (for everyone that hasn't noticed) but if you like or mega-like your level, it doesn't affect the monthly leaderboard, so if you have a level with 2059 likes, bur you mega-liked, it shows 2049 in the leaderboard.
  • Interesting @HomeroGaming930, looks like a future solution for for future questions about negative likes :) nice information ;)
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