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How to get objects far out of the dome.

Hello everyone! Today im going to post a level editing trick that is useful if you want to get far out of the dome.

Imagine you want your car to get out of the dome the size of the dome itself? Well here is how to do it.
1.start with using a Crusher.take the crusher and make it as long as possible.(if you want it even longer than use a crusher and save the level and exit and go back on level and you will be able to make it as long as you want until the end of the dome).then when you are done doing that go take the top part of the crusher and drag it through the walls of the dome and it will go as far out of the dome as how long the crusher can also do this with the can put a portal going outside of the dome on the elevator and the elevator can make your car go far away.

Hope you liked it :)


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