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edited December 2017 in Feedback
First of all thanks for CC enforcer. But yet many levels are made without CC enforcer. If the creator don't put CC enforcer even he can test his level by 100CC so that even newbabies can pass it. Put there is no way to ensure them.(new players)
I think all CC enforcers should be free untill you want to publish your level with it. And before publishing the level ,creator can either choose to use his vehicle or play 5 times with 100,250,500,800 &1200CC.If he completes the level with all vehicles then the level would be tagged as 'E'. So that no one will blame the creator.
:/ I know it sounds confusing. But I would be great if you do so.:)


  • Sounds interesting, I think traplight should thing about this small possible gameplay improvement
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